Information to students


Requirements for students doing project

1. Students who are doing their mini and main project with Arvin Soft are requred to maintain 60-40 rule(will be explained below) at all times when doing the project with Arvin Soft.

2. Students should keep their status posted in the website every 2 days so that Arvin Soft can monitor the project at all times.

60-40 Rule

1. The 60-40 rule will help the students develop the most of the components of the project so that they can develop the software in the future
2. The 60-40 rule will require the students should complete the 40 % of the project on their own this include choose the topic for the projects on their own, develop the interface of the software and develop the concept and documentation
3. Arvin Soft will complete the 60 % of the project that include difficult parts of the software like programming, algorithm development and execution but students should be present online or at our office at the time of development twice a week to get the hang of software development.


The document should be designed by the student with the help of Arvin Soft for all the reviews. The documentation for developing the review material(PPT, DOCUMENTATION) will be provided by Arvin Soft.

The final documentation will be provided for the student by Arvin Soft. Any extra documents or other components that are required for the project should be informed to Arvin Soft prior to 1 week